We are a Portuguese design & communication agency named Gemma, dedicated to creating and developing top quality brands and all types of communication materials, including digital.


Established in 2004, we are seriously committed to work arduously and closely with our clients, suppliers

and other stakeholders.


We take every work very seriously and with total dedication.


When we talk about graphic design, we are talking about what we make and how it is made. Graphic design uses all kinds of visual tools to create an image for your organization, and to bring you closer to your purpose and your clients.


By working together, we ensure that your brand is communicated in an effective way that captures what you stand for.

Gemma - Design e Comunicação / Estrada da Outurela, 121, 2794·051 Carnaxide · Portugal / Tel. 211 348 836 / info@gemma.pt / find us on google maps